A Lecture on the Niju Rokka Jo Yuikai Okibumi
[Nikko Shonin's 26 Articles of Warning]

Given by President Ikeda at the 10th Summer Course
Place: Dai-Kodo, Taisekiji, Head Temple
Time: August 8, 1960
Attendance: 5,000

"The second High Priest, Nikko Shonin wrote these twenty-six articles on January 13, 1333, when he was eighty-eight years of age. As he passed away on February 7, this is the will written about twenty days before his death. It is a warning precept, not only for the priests of Nichiren Shoshu, but for all the believers at large."

(Re: Article 25)

"But, in the case of the High Priest and priests of noble character and deep learnings, we need not make a fuss on account of the smallest mistake. By the article, 'You need not reveal it to the general public,' he expresses his merciful consideration to the priests and believers at large."

From: Kaicho Koen-shu [Collection of the President Lectures] Vol. 2, pg. 308
(As per attached below.)

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